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Polishing Car


The perfect solution for your imperfect surfaces

Image by Jonathan Gallegos


Paint Correction or machine polishing as it may also be known as is a skilled process that we professionals have acquired threw out years of constant learning with many different makes and models of OEM clear coat. Machine polishing or paint correction can be a tedious process and should only be done by a skilled professional. The art of paint correction can be a multi-step process to remove surface imperfections from your vehicle's paintwork such as swirls, fine scratches, holograms, and buffer trails. Using the latest technology in the detailing industry and understanding our customer's expectations we are confident in our skillset in paint correction that you will fall in love with your car again. 


Does my new car need paint correction?

New vehicles believe it or not still may require paint correction. Factory finish paintwork isnt always pristine. We always recommend if interested in paint correction an in-person consultation with your vehicle to go over any defects or imperfections with you and while there how to protect your vehicle's paintwork and more with Ceramic coatings.


How much does paint correction cost? 

This will vary greatly from detailer to detailer shop to shop. I would highly encourage you to not sell yourself short. Cheaper doesn't always mean better you get what you pay for. 


How long does paint correction take to complete? and how long will the finish look its best? 

paint correction can take only a few hours for enhancements (more for restoring gloss not so much removing swirls etc) and upwards of 6-12 hours depending on customers' expectations for their vehicle. the finish can last for years with proper washing techniques that will not compromise the finish. Ask us how you can maintain your vehicle's finish with ceramic coatings?

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